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Email Marketing | Content Marketing | Visibility Tip

Create a plan and use checklists to be assured your email are in alignment with your goals.

Email marketing is THE KEY to better visibility, better connections, and better sales.

I’ve shared this tip with clients and members of my communities…

TIP: Never forget that many people wait until the very last minute to make buying decisions. ⁠

Think about how you make purchases for programs and…

Online Marketing | Online Visibility | Internet Marketing

When is the last time you assessed the strength of your online foundation?

Now and then, it’s helpful to assess where you are in your business and evaluate what you’re doing.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing that and reviewing the work I’m doing with clients, especially in the last 6–7 months.

If you’re like most small or solo business…

You know how I feel about this topic! Nicely illustrated.

Entrepreneur Life | Self-Care

How you start your day makes a difference to how your day goes

Do you have a morning routine?⁠

For the last few months, I’ve been practicing and adding to my morning routine. It’s more intentional than I’ve ever practiced and I’m loving how I feel with this 15–20 min sensory experience.⁠

Here’s how my morning routine goes.

After getting up and getting…

Online marketing | Website | Content Marketing

10 years and my message remains just about the same

desk with laptop, pad of paper and smartphone, a desk lamp and shelves of books in the background.
This is not what my desk looks like when I’m working on my website!
Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the New Bern Now podcast, interviewed by the New Bern Podsquad. Wendy Card, the founder, and publisher of New Bern Now, worked with me in a mentoring program about 10 years ago and she wanted to catch up.

Following is a…

Lead Magnet | Lead Generation | Content Marketing

Contributions from 18 members of the Marketing Trailblazers Community

Maybe you’ve seen it or even downloaded it…a free guide with 18 tips on how to attract more clients.

The guide was created with the help of members of the Marketing Trailblazers Community to celebrate the community’s third anniversary. …

Beautiful story, Luc. Thanks for that reminder. Smiling under a mask shows in your eyes, too!

Email Marketing | Workflow | Content Marketing

Or, how I’m switching email and shopping cart platforms

Ok, that’s a big promise. In this post, I’m specifically referring to how I’ve simplified my email marketing workflow, which is reducing the time I spend sending marketing emails. …


Wherever you are on your journey, intermittent fasting is waiting for you, and you are just one fast away from changing your life and your business for the better!

Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Ellen Britt, and I help entrepreneurs leverage the power of intermittent fasting to transform their bodies, their businesses, and their lives.

One main problem that my students and clients have when it comes to being an entrepreneur and getting, and keeping weight off is thinking…

Audiogram | Podcasting | Content Marketing

Podcasters and Bloggers: are you promoting your content with videos?

Audiograms are an excellent way to get more visibility for your podcasts and articles. This is a tactic I’ve used on and off for a few years. It’s ideal for podcasts since you already have an audio file. …

Denise Wakeman

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